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BRAVE Young Families The objective of this study is to gain a better understanding of how intimate partner violence affects the health and development of mothers and their children.
FAMJAM (Families Joining Around Memories: A Study of Communication and Development) The FAMJAM study is interested in how parent problem-solving strategies and the emotional communication styles of mothers, fathers, and their preschool-aged children influence the development of self-regulation and moral emotions (i.e. guilt and shame) in children.
Food for Families 'Food for Families' is a project designed to assess the feasibility and evaluate the impact of a backpack program which provides food for children over the weekend. Cultivate Food Rescue gathers donated food from area vendors (such as Venue ND and ND Athletics) that has been prepared, but never served. They then work with highly-trained volunteers to package it into six individual meals in an insulated backpack. The backpacks are then distributed to hundreds of food-insecure students through their schools. By providing an incentive for school attendance and eliminating hunger over the weekend, this program has the potential to improve school attendance and improve in-school behavior, therefore enhancing the children’s ability to learn.     
Notre Dame Families & Babies Study (ND-FABS) This project aims to help mothers and families in their role as parents and as partners. Positive parenting and parent interactions help support the healthy functioning of babies as they develop.
Parenting for the First Time The project explored risk and protective factors across the transition to parenting and their impact on child development.
The Heart to Heart project The focus of the Heart to Heart project is to learn more about children's well-being and how mothers can best support their children. We are also interested in the biological rhythms of families. Prior research tells us that mothers play an important role in a child's development. We are testing a new program that tries to help mothers support their children by learning new ways to talk to them.
The Pregnant Moms' Empowerment Program This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of a group therapy program for pregnant women who have recently experienced intimate partner violence, including psychological, sexual and physical forms of abuse.
The SPARC Project (Supporting Parent-Adolescent Relationships and Communication) The Notre Dame SPARC Project is a program designed to support communication and strengthen relationships in families that include a child with an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD). In particular, the SPARC project is geared toward supporting parents and typically developing adolescent siblings of individuals with IDD by promoting effective communication and conflict resolution between couples and also between parents and their typically developing children. The goal of the study is to evaluate how best to support parents and typically developing siblings of individuals with IDD by improving communication and strengthening family relationships.