Julie Braungart-Rieker, Ph.D.

Contact: or 574-631-0884

  • Oversees all staff positions
  • Works with faculty groups in planning collaborative research projects
  • Plans speaker series and other center events
  • Coordinates brown-bag meetings among faculty and students


Managing Director
Jennifer Burke Lefever, Ph.D.

Contact: or 574-631-8595

  • Supports director with planning and implementing research projects
  • Oversees data from multiple sites
  • Works closely with IT support on security issues (confidentiality of sensitive data)
  • Oversees grant-paid staff in handling the collected data (interview data, survey data, observational data) and in setting up databases for various types of statistical analyses

John Borkowski

Translational Research Consultant
John Borkowski, Ph.D.

Contact: or 574-631-6549

  • Assists faculty in procuring research grants (advice on design, reading proposals, handling reviewer feedback, etc.) particularly those that involve translational research.
  • Facilitates the director in planning of collaborative translational research grants among the CCF’s affiliated faculty

Jennifer Cummings

Clinical and Behavioral Assessor
Jennifer Cummings, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Contact: or 574-631-3404

  • Assesses and evaluates projects involving clinical participants
  • Supports work involving translational research
  • Trains graduate students on assessing and coding of clinically relevant behaviors

Heidi Miller 09

Coordinator for Participant Recruitment and Community Liaison
Heidi Miller

Contact: or 574-631-0952

  • Serves as a liaison with the community (schools, hospitals, mental health facilities, WIC, United Way, Head Start, etc.) and Principal Investigators and facilitates the recruitment of research participants
  • Maintains communications with agencies
  • Helps coordinate the timing of multiple projects that target the same population
  • Facilitates outreach projects


Center Program Coordinator
Terri Sweeney

Contact: or 574-631-0959

  • Coordinates write-up of new grants and re-submissions
  • Writes progress reports to funding agencies
  • Manages the financial side of the various grants budgets
  • Serves as a receptionist of the facility
  • Supports day-to-day center-related activities