Latino Families and Mental Health Study: The “Seguimos Adelante” Project

Principal Investigator: Irene Park, Ph.D.; Indiana University School of Medicine-South Bend

The purpose of the Latino Families and Mental Health Study (also known as the “Seguimos Adelante” Project) is to learn more about the mental health of Mexican-origin adolescents and their parents. We are especially interested in the various sources of stress and resilience among Mexican-origin youths and their families.
This project is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIH grant R21MH097675) and was officially launched in September 2013.

We are actively recruiting participants. We are seeking Mexican-origin families with an adolescent who is 12-17 years old.

For more information regarding this study, please contact Rosemary Salinas at 574-631-2854 or Misel Ramirez Vasoli at 574-631-1011.