Data Management Center


The mission of the Data Management Center is to provide comprehensive data services to the University of Notre Dame and its research partners. The highly trained, experienced, and detail-oriented team offers specialized services tailored to the needs of each data project and is committed to excellence in all aspects of the research process including consultation, database construction, data entry, documentation, and analysis.


  • Consultation to shape research projects from measurement design to final analysis.
  • Database construction for project management, data entry, and analysis.
  • Data entry that is both efficient and meticulous.
  • Documentation of data management procedures as well as comprehensive manuals describing the databases.
  • Analysis, which includes editing, summarizing, and describing each dataset.

For more information about availability and cost of services, please contact Jennifer Burke Lefever.



Jennifer Burke Lefever, Ph.D, Director

Contact: or call 574-631-8595


Kathleen Heyn, Data Coordinator

Contact: or call 574-631-0362