Promoting Positive Parenting

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Principal Investigators: Judy Carta, Ph.D., University of Kansas, and John Borkowski, Ph.D.

Co-Investigators: Jennifer Burke Lefever, Ph.D. and Jeanne Mattei, MSW

The Promoting Positive Parenting project was launched in 2007 to test the effectiveness of a cell-phone enhanced home visitation program in at-risk communities surrounding the University of Notre Dame and the University of Kansas’ Juniper Gardens Children’s Project in Kansas City, KS. Mothers at risk of neglecting their children are randomly assigned to one of three groups: Planned Activities Training, Planned Activities Training with Cell-Phone Enhancements, and a Wait-List Control. We anticipate that the cell phone supports (calls and twice daily text messages) will increase intervention retention and engagement, as well as generalization of the new skills to other daily activities. Funding for this project was provided through a collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Doris Duke Foundation.

This project is no longer recruiting new participants.