Emotional Experiences and Behavior Study

Principal Investigator David Watson, Ph.D, Department of Psychology

The purpose of the Emotional Experiences and Behavior study is to improve how we measure different emotional states, symptoms and personality traits. In particular, in this study we are working on the development of new self-report measures of several different psychological symptoms and traits related to mood and anxiety disorders. It is our hope that the development of well-validated scales in these areas will (a) lead to a more comprehensive and reliable assessment of psychological symptoms, (b) improve our understanding of different symptom presentations and types of psychopathology, and © increase our knowledge about how these symptoms relate to other types of psychopathology.

The Emotional Experiences and Behavior study is actively recruiting participants. Eligible participants are individuals currently receiving mental health services who are age 18 or older and able to read, write, and converse in English well enough that they can complete several paper and pencil questionnaires. Exclusion criteria are dementia, delirium, or intellectual disability, and active psychosis, intoxication, or suicidality.

For more information regarding the study, please contact db.watson@nd.edu.