BRAVE Young Families Project

Principal Investigator: Laura Miller, Ph.D.

In the BRAVE Young Families study, we would like to know more about the stressful events mothers sometimes face, including experiences of violence. Our goals are: (1) to learn how stressful life events affect women’s experience of pregnancy, (2) to learn from women how services might be improved to better address their needs, and (3) to consider how children may be affected by adverse experiences

In order to be eligible, participants must meet the following criteria:
• Currently in the first or second trimester of pregnancy
• Must plan to be the primary caregiver of their child after birth

There are several study components. Participants receive $15 for an interview at the BRAVE Lab on Notre Dame’s campus. If women have other children, they are also complete surveys about their children and a video-recorded play session. Participants will receive $10 for each participating child and children will receive a toy. Those who participate in the interview may also be eligible to participate in other parts of the study to take place at home, for which they will also be compensated. Free childcare is provided and we will help coordinate your transportation. For additional information, please contact Katie at Phone: 574-631-3159 or contact us at