Adolescent Parenting

mom and daughter

Principal Investigators: John Borkowski, Ph.D. and Tom Whitman, Ph.D.

Co-Investigators: Deborah Keogh, Ph.D., Keri Weed, Ph.D., & Jennifer Lefever, Ph.D.

The Adolescent Parenting Project was launched in the mid-1980s to evaluate the social and psychological consequences of teen parenting for both mothers and their children. This project has been funded by NIMH for over 20 years and the Notre Dame Adolescent Parenting Project staff has gathered data on teen mothers and their children from pregnancy through the first 18 years of life. The main focus of the project has been to track the emergence of developmental delays in children of teen mothers, along with their maternal antecedents. In the final phase of the project, we have three major aims: (1) to assess academic achievement and failures during the middle school years as well as their major precursors; (2) to measure socioemotional adjustment and involvement in risky behaviors during the adolescent period and to determine their antecedents; and (3) to pinpoint the role of early maternal and child characteristics in explaining the development of children’s metacognitive knowledge and self-regulatory capacities and their subsequent influence on academic failures and successes.

This project is not recruiting new participants.

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