Topics and Speaker Biographies


This Pathways to Child Flourishing symposium features speakers from many countries and disciplines who will provide their expertise.

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SPEAKER: Julie Braungart-Rieker
AFFILIATION: University of Notre Dame
TOPIC: Parenting, Attachment, and the Development of Emotion Regulation

SPEAKER: Holly Brophy-Herb
AFFILIATION: Michigan State University
TOPIC: Risk and Protective Influences on At-Risk Children’s Development and Well-Being

SPEAKER: Mark Cummings
AFFILIATION: University of Notre Dame
TOPIC: The Benefits of Marital Conflict: Constructiveness and Resolution as Predictors of Positive Child Outcomes

SPEAKER: Paul H. Dworkin, MD
AFFILIATION: Executive Vice President for Community Child Health; Director, Help Me Grow National Center, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center; Professor of Pediatrics,
University of Connecticut School of Medicine
TOPIC: Fulfilling the Promise: Interventions to Promote Children’s Healthy Development

SPEAKER: Riane Eisler
AFFILIATION: Center for Partnership Studies
TOPIC: Societal Contexts for Family Relations: Tradition, Violence and Stress

SPEAKER: Ruth Feldman
AFFILIATION: Yale University Child Study Center
TOPIC: Synchrony: A Neurobiological Attribute of the Social Human

SPEAKER: Hilary Fouts
AFFILIATION: University of Tennessee – Knoxville
TOPIC: Becoming an Older Sibling: Cooperative Caregiving and Conflict Among Young Children in Central Africa

SPEAKER: Lee Gettler
AFFILIATION: University of Notre Dame
TOPIC: The Socioendocrinology of Parenthood: Evolution, Culture, and Development

SPEAKER: George Holden
AFFILIATION: Southern Methodist University
TOPIC: The Emergence of “Positive Parenting” as a New Paradigm: Theory, Processes, and Evidence

SPEAKER: Mary McMullen
AFFILIATION: Indiana University
TOPIC: Moral, Ethical and Responsive Care for Wellbeing in Family-Centered infant Toddler Programs

SPEAKER: Laura Miller
AFFILIATION: University of Notre Dame
TOPIC: Preserving Child Flourishing after Exposure to Trauma: Women’s Perceptions of the Adequacy of Community Supports

SPEAKER: Robin Nelson
AFFILIATION: Skidmore College
TOPIC: What Kin Counts? Child Growth & Development in Jamaica

SPEAKER: Bruce Perry
AFFILIATION: Child Trauma Academy
TOPIC: The Impact of Trauma on the Developing Child

SPEAKER: Elizabeth Anne (EA) Quinn
AFFILIATION: Washington University
TOPIC: The Role of Human Milk in Child Development: Short and Long Term Lactational Programming

SPEAKER: Christine Robinson
AFFILIATION: New York University
TOPIC: How Early Life Builds Cognition and Emotional Intelligence

SPEAKER: Sarina Saturn
AFFILIATION: Oregon State University
TOPIC: Nature and Nurture: Genetic and Parental Contributions to Social and Emotional Traits

SPEAKER: Joshua Sparrow
AFFILIATION: Harvard Medical School
TOPIC: Culture, Community and Context in Child Development

SPEAKER: James Swain
AFFILIATION: University of Michigan
TOPIC: The Parental Brain – Regulation of Mother and Father Behavior that Influences Infant Development

SPEAKER: Colwyn Trevarthen
AFFILIATION: University of Edinburgh
TOPIC: The Love of Special Companions and the Importance of Prideful Play

SPEAKER: Marilyn Watson
AFFILIATION: Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education
TOPIC: Learning To Trust: Applying Attachment Theory to the Elementary School Classroom