Poster Presentations

Poster Submissions

If you would like to participate in the symposium’s poster presentations on Sunday, September 28, 2014 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm, please submit a proposal by September 20, 2014. Proposals will be judged by their relevance to the topic of the symposium and whether the information would be useful for the audience. Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis with notification shortly after submission.

Submit an abstract/project summary of 250 words or less which includes:

  • Title, author(s), affiliation(s), lead author’s e-mail address
  • Project Goals
  • Method
  • Findings
  • Practical Application

Please use a 12-point font, 1-inch margins, and double-spaced lines for the text. Send the abstract as a Microsoft Word or PDF document to Laura Miller at

Pre-registration for the 2014 symposium is now closed, but participants can still register at the symposium.

Poster Presentations

In preparing your poster, please remember conference participants will need to be able to clearly read your materials from a distance of at least 4 feet (122 cm). We will provide push pins for hanging your poster. The space provided for your poster will be 4×6 feet.

For those that are new to creating scientific posters for conferences, there are generally two “styles” of posters:

  • Style A: Print several sheets of regular-sized paper (with very large font) and arrange them on the poster board when you arrive at the Poster Session.
  • Style B: This is probably more common at academic conferences. Create a large, single-page document that can be printed with specialized printer to produce a document as large as 3 feet tall and 5 or 6 feet wide.

Software programs like Microsoft PowerPoint can be used to create a single page There are a number of resources available on the web to help you. Such a large poster can be printed by FedEx-Kinkos—they also have tubes to carry the poster in rolled-up form. Universities and colleges often offer specific PowerPoint templates for posters and printing services for posters.