Projects Currently Recruiting Participants

Brave Young Families Project

In the BRAVE Young Families Project, we would like to know more about the stressful events mothers sometimes face, including domestic violence, in order to better equip our community with the appropriate resources to help mothers and families. We are currently recruiting pregnant women in their first or second trimester of pregnancy, who plan to be the primary caregiver of their child after birth. Read More

Communications and Family Relations Project

The Communications and Family Relations Project is based on years of research. What we have learned is used to teach new ways of communicate and to improve relationships in families that include a child with an intellectual or developmental disability. We hope this project will strengthen family relationships. Because we’re also trying to evaluate our ways of working with families that include a child with an intellectual or developmental disability, different families may receive different content and materials. Read More

Family Interaction Study

In the Family Interaction Study, we are exploring parent-child and mother-father interactions to better understand the social bonds between parents and children and how parents’ biology changes when family members engage with each other. We are currently recruiting participants for this project. Read more

The Heart to Heart Project

The purpose of the Heart to Heart Project is to learn more about mothers and their preschool-aged children over time. Our prior research tells us that mothers play an important role in children’s development. This study will help researchers understand how mothers and their preschool-aged child interact, about child emotional, social and cognitive development, and about the biological rhythms of mothers and children. The Heart to Heart Project is actively recruiting participants. Read more

Language Development Study

The Infant Studies Lab at the University of Notre Dame is looking for infants and children from birth to 30 months of age to participate in their Language Development studies. Participation will take an hour or less your time, and you child will receive a book as well as a cash-card for $15 that functions as a debit card. Read more